Where to Elope in Alaska

Eloping in Alaska

Jamie Taylor Photography specializes in Alaska elopements and small intimate weddings. We love to help our couples who are planning to elope in Alaska. Based in beautiful Southcentral Alaska, some of our favorite locations to elope at are Girdwood, Portage, Seward, Hatcher’s Pass, Cooper Landing, and Homer, Alaska. We love adventurous couples who like scenic locations and we are happy to go on an all day hiking adventure with you, or have several beautiful and easy to access locations to recommend as well. We offer several elopement photography packages to fit any kind of adventure.

Traveling to Alaska

When eloping to Alaska we recommend flying into our largest city, Anchorage and getting a rental car. Alaska is the largest state and when looking at a map you will see that small distances are sometimes equal to the distance of traveling across an entire state in the contiguous United States. It is likely that you will be obtaining your marriage license in Anchorage as well, however some of these locations will also have information to obtain marriage licenses right in their town. You can learn more about obtaining an Alaska marriage license here: Alaska Department of Health and Social Services: Division of Public Health

What to Bring

We recommend bringing a good pair of rain and hiking boots and rain coat. We are sometimes on uneven terrain and wet ground even if it hasn’t been raining.


Favorite Elopement and Intimate Wedding Locations

Girdwood, Alaska

Located approximately 45 minutes south of Anchorage, Girdwood is one of my favorite elopement locations because of all the options and ability to travel to a variety of locations during your elopement: mountains, waterfalls, rivers and easy access secondary locations, such as Portage. Girdwood is the home to the most popular ski resort in the winter and in the summer it is equally as beautiful with many lodging locations such as the Alyeska Resort and a variety of unique vacation rental by owner options.

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Portage, Alaska

Located approximately 20 minutes south of Girdwood is Portage, Alaska where there is Portage Valley and Byron Glacier. It is less than a mile hike one way (relatively easy and a flat trail) to the Glacier. Portage is also located about 20 minute from Turnagin Pass where you are driving into beautiful alpine mountain country that is easy to access by car. The closest lodging options would be either in Whittier or Girdwood. Whittier is a beautiful small community located right on the ocean and a popular lodging option is the Inn at Whittier.

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Seward, Alaska

Located approximately a little over two hours south of Anchorage is a beautiful seaside town called Seward, Alaska. It is known for it’s oceanside location with beaches and mountain backgrounds, as well as deep sea fishing and ocean boat charters for your time you spend exploring. One of our favorite lodging locations is the Seward Windsong Lodge.

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Cooper Landing, Alaska

Located approximately two hours south of Anchorage nestled between the mountains along the famous Kenai River is the town of Cooper Landing. It has stunning aqua blue water and access points to one of the prettiest lakes in Alaska, Kenai Lake. Lodging options in Cooper Landing vary from many vacation rentals by owner, bed and breakfasts, to lodges. You will definitely have a small town feel staying in Cooper Landing.

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Homer, Alaska

Homer, Alaska is located the farthest from Anchorage and is just over a four hour drive south to get to. Since it is located such a far distance, there are small commuter flights to Homer from Anchorage you may consider taking instead, however the drive there is amazing. You go past many of the locations I talk about above (Girdwood, Portage, Cooper Landing) and many describe it as Alaska’s most beautiful and scenic drive. Homer is another seaside town surrounded by the ocean and a popular destination for those coming to Alaska. It is also home to one of the most exquisite luxury rentals in the state, Second Star Mansion, a popular venue for small intimate weddings to large weddings. You have many lodging options in Homer, from beautiful seaside inns to numerous vacation rentals by owners.

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Hatcher’s Pass, Alaska

Located just a little over an hour north of Anchorage, Hatcher’s Pass in the Matanuska Valley is a stunning mountain location that has beautiful views. At the base of the mountain is the Su River which is also picturesque and a beautiful portrait location. Hatcher’s Pass is close to Wasilla and Palmer, one of the bigger regions of Alaska that has access to many stores and amenities.

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January 11, 2018

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